debunking the denial, and the dangers of false optimism

Don’t dismiss what insults your soul.
Listen to opinion.
Engage in debate.
Keep your mind open.
Inclusivity is a good thing.
And remember.
Miracles don’t happen overnight.

“There’s a lot of things government can do, but changing the weather isn’t one of them”
Marco Rubio, junior United States senator

“I don’t think global warming is to do with us, I think it’s a natural circle. I don’t think a few Ferraris make that much difference”
David Bailey, photographer

“Al Gore’s just an opportunist”
Freeman Dyson, theoretical physicist and mathematician

“It is the greatest scam in history. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion”
John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel

“I exhale carbon dioxide. I don’t want those guys following me around with a meter to see if I’m breathing too hard”
Mitt Romney, United States presidential candidate

“The sky is not burning, and to claim that it is amounts to journalistic malpractice”
Mark Campbell, scientist

“A doubling in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere will lead to a 25% to 55% increase in crop yield. As carbon dioxide concentrations continue to grow, we’re going to help feed the population of the planet”
Craig Idso, founder of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

“The right response to the non-problem of global warming is to have the courage to do nothing”
Christopher Monckton, British public speaker and hereditary peer

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  1. Anonymous7.2.13

    "“Al Gore’s just an opportunist”
    Freeman Dyson, theoretical physicist and mathematician"

    Wow! I had no idea Dyson said such a thing. He is correct, Gore is an opportunist, little more. I have a lot of respect for Gore for this reason alone really. He has made himself one of the wealthiest men in the world by being a true entrepreneurial opportunist, one of the great salesmen in America, I admire him greatly for this ability. I wish he would teach his skills and methodology to others. I dislike very much his climate alarmist path however.

    Dyson is one of the true unsung American geniuses of the last 50 years. Thank you for that quote OI will pin it to my wall.